Saturday, 29 September 2012

Rebel Blockade Runner [Tantive IV] Playset

Remember the first time Darth Vader appeared on screen... The Empire had just captured the Rebel Blockade Runner and were boarding with Stormtroopers. Bang! The door went and through they stormed.  A few minutes after the battle, Vader stepped forward.

Here's my playset for the Blockade Runner. It consists of two rooms - the room on the right, is the one where we see Vader for the first time.  The playset has a wall in the middle with a door through to the second room.  In this second room, here we see Princess Leia load the plans for the Deathstar into R2D2.

I'm looking forward to getting this one printed out and seeing Vader - all contrasted against the white of the space craft. That'll take me back to 1977!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Jabba's Rancor Pit Playset

I was inspired by a great video on the web, taking a light hearted look at the old Return of the Jedi toys... (hope you don't mind me referencing your youtube channel).
So, with this in mind I started to draw out a new model for Jabba's Rancor Pit!  The basic idea for this model is that again, it'll be printed on A3 sticker sheets and mounted to 5mm foam board.

The board has slots in it to join the different panels together (so that it can be dismantled again).

In this design, I wanted to have some detail that stood away from the walls to make it feel more 'cave' like.  I also wanted to include a 'hide away' for Luke... the hungry Rancor can't eat our hero!

Unfortunately, my printer has broken recently and with an upcoming house move, I'll have to wait before I can finish this and the previous Rishi Outpost playsets.  Keep watching this space and hopefully, I'll be able to post the finished playsets soon.