Sunday, 1 July 2012

Imperial Walker AT-AT Playset

You just have to love the Imperial Walkers - they looked fab in the film... Here's my tribute to them!

Once again, another slot design model. This time, it has additional detail panels for the legs and also the Imperial Probe Droid.

The artwork had a lot of 'artistic licence' - it was really hard to find a way to fit it on an A3 panel, so a lot of comprise was made with the design.

Overall, it reminds me of the old Kenner "Hoth Ice Planet Adventure" set.


  1. I just posted a photo of the original (and inferior) version of this playset at the RetroBlasting Facebook page. This version looks like A LOT more fun!

  2. Thanks DMC... I was 'inspired' by the original playset - It was really hard work trying to figure out how to 'squeeze' the design on a single sheet of A3! Great fun to build. I'll check out your facebook page too. Cheers, Mark