Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bespin Cloud City Playset

I wanted to create another home drawn model, this time finding inspiration from Ralph McQuarrie who many will know was the conceptual artist and illustrator for Star Wars and many other films. Sadly Ralph passed away March 3, 2012...

Again, my model uses the same slot design from previous. I tried to capture a variety of room areas from the film, taking in a great deal from Ralph McQuarrie's beautiful pictures. Here's my small tribute to a fantastic artist.

It was great fun drawing out various segments of Bespin. Hope you recognise the "I am your Father!" scene.  There's a platform for carbon freezing. Whereas upstairs, you can see the normal 'civilised' living areas of the city.


  1. Two thumbs up. I really admire the fact that this playset drawn inspiration from the old Kenner/Palitoy models. Even the decals and backgrounds are authenticated nicely. Great job.

  2. You're great, really ! Fantastic works, here !
    Cris (Darth-Kriss)

  3. Thanks Jeff and Darth-Kriss for the feedback - It's really appreciated. I hope these might inspire you to build some 'playsets' of your own! Cheers :)

  4. AWESOME! Favorite setting! Favorite film! AMAZING work!

  5. Thanks DMC... it was my small tribute to the wonderful artwork of the late Ralph McQuarrie. It's a great set of scenes in the film. I remember the 'spoiler' ending as a young child at the cinema - great stuff!